There are times when individuals and businesses find themselves in need of an expericnced
litigator, or one who has a solid record of successful negotiations and mediations. One who has gained the respect of his adversaries, admiration of his peers and judges, and the gratitude of his clients. One, with a single goal in mind when accepting a case - to win!

If you have such a need, contact Gray & Associates, LLC. Over the last 45 years, William P. Gray, Jr., principle of Gray & Associates, built his reputation on the fact that he understands that Litigation has serious consequences. The outcome is often crucial to a client's future, or even their survival.

Since its inception, Gray & Associates has established a commitment to provide excellent service and highly personal and professional attention to their clients. The result is a solid and experienced firm with proven dedication to understanding and achieving the objectives of their clients.


  • Recent Wins

    Brown v. First Federal Bank, et al. - Circuit Court of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

    The Plaintiff in this case demanded $500,000.00 alleging fraud; fraudulent suppression; negligent hiring, training and supervision; wantonness; The Defendants... 

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