There are times when individuals and businesses find themselves in need of an expericnced
litigator, or one who has a solid record of successful negotiations and mediations. One who has gained the respect of his adversaries, admiration of his peers and judges, and the gratitude of his clients. One, with a single goal in mind when accepting a case - to win!

If you have such a need, contact Gray & Associates, LLC. Over the last 45 years, William P. Gray, Jr., principle of Gray & Associates, built his reputation on the fact that he understands that Litigation has serious consequences. The outcome is often crucial to a client's future, or even their survival.

Since its inception, Gray & Associates has established a commitment to provide excellent service and highly personal and professional attention to their clients. The result is a solid and experienced firm with proven dedication to understanding and achieving the objectives of their clients.


  • Recent Wins

    October 9, 2014 - Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama - Summary Judgment Granted

    Plaintiff sued insurer and agent alleging alleging negligence, wantonness, fraud and suppression, and deceit after his application for term life insurance was declined for health reasons, allegedly leaving the Plaintiff without life insurance and uninsurable. Plaintiff applied for term life insurance after the required premium to keep a universal life policy in effect more than doubled. Plaintiff canceled the universal life policy and applied for a term life policy. Through discovery, Gray & Associates, LLC discovered that the cash value of the universal life policy, which had accumulated over the years, had been with drawn, leaving the Plaintiff without a cash value earning interest to cover the rising cost of insurance. The Defendants, by and through Gray & Associates, LLC, moved for summary judgment arguing that the paper work signed by the Plaintiff explained the risks. The trial court granted Summary Judgment on all counts. No appeal has been taken.

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